Heinrich Naked Red 2017 -
Heinrich Naked Red 2017 -
Heinrich Naked Red 2017 -

Heinrich Naked Red 2017

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This is one of our best selling red wines! Simply delicious, great balanced with supple tannins and attractive red fruits. Highly recommended if you are looking for an easy going and consumer friendly wine that you can drink on its own! Simple, authentic, unadulterated and pure – the dark berries and red juicy fruits.

Naked Red's name comes from the fact that it is natural (low sulphur, less than 20mg/l sulphites added - even lower than normal biodynamic limit) and biodynamic wine. For your kind info, conventional winemaking alows up to 160mg/l sulphites to be added for red wines! Naked Red is also an organic certified wine!

Don't worry, this is not the type of funky natural wine that you may have tasted. We have been very critical of natural wines in the last two years because we are very conscious of bad wines masquerading as natural wines. In this case, this wine is really well made and with this low sulphur application, we agree this qualifies as a natural wine. If it passes our test for natural wine, you can be assured this is a good one!

For those who are new to Heinrich, they are one of the top red wine producers of Austria! Only one of two handful of producers that are rated 5 stars by Falstaff - Austria's most trusted wine guide.

Food Pairing: Can we consumed on its own or with finger food

Variety: Zweigelt blend. Zweigelt is Austria's most widely planted black grape variety.

Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Alcohol: 12%