1. What is the minimum spend for free delivery?
The minimum spend for free delivery is 
only $100! 

2. Do you deliver on weekends?
Our delivery days are Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

3. If I order today, will I receive it the next day?
Our free delivery service lead time for orders above $100 is 2 to 5 working days. If you wish to receive your wines the next working day, you need to opt for expedited delivery which is at the cost of $30. This is, however, subject to the availability of the wine. Order has to be placed before 12 noon for next day delivery. If the wine is not available due to  unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you and offer you a full refund.


4. Are the wines all in 750ml?  

Yes, the wines are all in 750ml except otherwise stated. i.e. if it is 375ml, we will state it. Likewise, if it is magnum 1500ml, we will state it.


5. Are all the wines here ready for drinking? 

Yes, they are although some wines and fine wines may improve in terms of complexity with further bottle ageing. If there are wines which require some decanting (for it to breathe) or to accompany food, we will normally mention it.


6. What is the optimum temperature to drink red wines? 

For Pinot Noir and light bodied reds such as Beaujolais, 14 to 16 degrees C would be ideal. For medium to full bodied Red Bordeaux or other reds, 16 to 18 degrees C (out of your wine fridge) would be fine. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend you to drink in aircon environment as well as continuously monitor the temperature of your wines. If your wine fridge allows the wine to stand up, then you can always put the bottle back in after you pour.

7. What is the optimum temperature to drink white wines?

For light bodied to medium bodied whites such as German Rieslings, you need them well chilled (7 to 10 degrees C). 

For fuller bodied whites such as oaked Chardonnay, 10 to 13 degrees C would be fine.