Refund Policy

As part of our commitment to deliver you with the utmost service and experience, we are happy to refund or exchange your purchase if:

  1. if the wines you received are not in an acceptable condition (breakage, damaged)


      2. the wrong wine(s) was delivered to you.

The terms and conditions for refund or exchange under these two circumstances are stated herein:

a) We strongly advise you or your recipient to inspect the wines that are delivered to you immediately upon receipt to ensure you are completely satisfied with the condition (i.e. no breakage, damage etc.) and match the description we have provided to you. Should there be any issue, you shall notify us immediately or at the latest within the same day of the delivery for any discrepancies or damage. You may call us at 8828 3113 or e-mail us at

b) Should there be a corked tainted bottle (TCA), it is due to the nature of natural corks’s susceptibility to TCA. We shall not be held responsible for such cork fault. However, as a wine drinker ourselves, we understand your disappointment! Therefore, to provide you with the highest level of service and enjoyment for the wine, we are happy to replace you the bottle, subject to availability, at our own cost (yes, at's cost not the producer’s!) Producers never replace us TCA tainted bottles because it is a natural phenomenon that is generally accepted in the wine industry due to the very small occurrences. To qualify for an exchange or a refund for the TCA affected bottle, please stopper the cork back and return to us the bottle (not drunk.)

We reserve the right to reject any return or exchange deemed unfit or unreasonable.