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Valdespino Fino Inocente (375ml) -

Valdespino Fino Inocente (375ml)

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Fino Inocente is the flagship wine of Valdespino and the last Fino to be fermented in oak barrels. A second unique feature is the fact that the Palomino grapes for this wine come from one single vineyard. Where all other Finos are blended from multiple sources, this one uses only grapes from Macharnudo Alto, a high-altitude area renowned for its pure Albariza soil (best soil for Palomino) The vines are 25 years old.

This Fino is fresh with good saline notes. One of our favourites Sherry. We really love it! If you are after a savoury and saline wine to pair with some olives or cold cuts or drink on its own, you must buy this.

Food pairing: On its own or with cold cuts or olives

Variety: Palomino

Country: Spain

Region: Sherry