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Clara Tuch Wine Glass Polishing Cloth -

Clara Tuch Wine Glass Polishing Cloth

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As wine lovers who loves fine stemware, we are sure you would agree that we need a fine polishing cloth to keep your stemware shiny and nice! 

Made for polishing wine glasses, its large 60cm by 45cm size will allow you to hold the bowl with one end of the cloth and use the other end to polish the inside of the glass. Please do not use normal microfibre cloth to clean your wine glasses. They are not made for that!

The smooth and silky touch also ensure good polishing performance and adds a touch of luxury. Polishing wine glasses have never been so satisfying!

No wonder why Gabriel Glas recommends this! Austrian quality indeed.

Available only in white colour.

CARE: wash in 60 deg C (washing washable) without any softener.