Battenfeld Spanier Herrgott Riesling GG 2017 -

Battenfeld Spanier Herrgott Riesling GG 2017

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Our favourite Grand Cru vineyard from the Battenfeld Spanier stable and certainly one of the best and most consistent dry Grand Cru (GG) German Riesling in our books.

Herrgott combines citrus and stone fruits with minerality and freshness. If you want to be impressed by dry Grand Cru German Riesling, you must try this! Battenfeld Spanier practices biodynamic viticulture and is certified organic.

The name Schwarzen Herrgott means black cross as this vineyard is along a  pilgrimage route. The Schwarzen Herrgott is one of the oldest and most famous vineyards in Germany (mentioned as a vineyard as early as the 8th century), but has been forgotten for decades. The precision produced by the Riesling here is unique even among the barren limestone slagues of Wonnegau. Nothing serves or is an accessory, everything is just about itself. At the same time, the wine combines spicy stone aromas with light floating elegance.

Battenfeld Spanier was founded by the young and dynamic Oliver Spanier. Self made man! He is also the winemaker for the estate. After he married Carolin Gillot of Kuhling-Gillot, he took over the winemaking at Kuhling Gillot too!

'Back when I finished my training as a winemaker in 1991, I founded a winegrowing estate of my own. From the start, we were dedicated to organic principles.

The restoration and upkeep of the microbial life in the soil is my most important goal, because the soil is the very core of our effort to convey the taste of what came long before us and that which lies ahead. Riesling is my vision.'