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Chateau Cantegril 2014 Sauternes

Château Cantegril 2014

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If you are looking for a great value, fresh and yummy dessert/sweet wine, look no further than this Cantegril 2014 from Sauternes (to be exact Barsac). Sauternes is a world famous region for producing botrytis affected sweet/dessert wines. Producers in Barsac have the option of using either Sauternes or Barsac as they are just next to each other. Insiders will know that Barsac is a better terroir because it has limestone based and as a result, wines produced there have better acidity which is crucial to balance the sweetness in dessert wines.

To date, everyone that we showed loved this wine unless he/she doesn't like sweet wines.

Highly recommended! Yes, this is a 750ml full bottle price.