Château Laguiole Grand Cru Rosewood -
Château Laguiole Grand Cru Rosewood -

Château Laguiole Grand Cru Rosewood (Made in France)

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If you are looking for a premium and very special wine gift for someone important, this could be a perfect choice.

The Château Laguiole Grand Cru series was created to satisfy the need for a stylish and most durable wine opener. The Grand Cru has the same main characteristics as the Classic series with an added touch of elegance and is more suitable for heavy-duty use (more than 20 bottles a day). The reason for the added strength resides in the massif front top bolster, the part where the screw enters the handle. 

This model is Rosewood (from East India) and it would appeal to people who prefer the classic and natural wood look. Rosewood is commonly used to make small precious objects as well as fine furniture and musical instruments.

All genuine Château Laguiole corkscrews like this one are Made in France. The gift box package comes with a leather holder as per the photo as well as a Member Card with QR code card where you scan to register your warranty.

What's Included:  Corkscrew - Member Card (pls scan the QR code for warranty registration)  - Leather Belt Sheath - Gift box

All Château Laguiole wine openers are made of 12C27 stainless steel and weigh around 115g. The overall length (closed) is approx. 11.5cm. The foil cutter is serrated and measures around 4.1cm.

For those who are new to Château Laguiole, Château Laguiole waiter-style corkscrew was created in 1993 by Master Sommeliers Guy Vialis and was the first true high-end waiter-style Laguiole corkscrew on the market. Since it debuted the Chateau Laguiole brand has been the favorite among most of the world's best sommeliers and, to this day is the most sold (and imitated) of all high-end waiter-style Laguiole corkscrews!