Chateau L'Eclos 1989
Château L'Enclos 1989 -

Château L'Enclos 1989

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Opened this at 12 noon for lunch appointment at 1pm. For most wines over 20 years old, we use an Ah-So or Durand, so please use one of these. If not, prepare a filter paper/sieve/decanter in case the cork breaks.

Really happy with the first taste when we opened it. Definitely still good fruit and drinking with good complexity. The amazing thing was at 2pm when we drank it (after a bottle of Austrian Pinot Noir), it was even more fruity!! We highly recommend this. At 32 years many beverage do you know that is still drinking well at this age?!

Highly recommend anyone who hasn't had any aged Right Bank Bordeaux or Pomerol. Pomerol as you know is a small appellation so not many bottles of this left! Very limited. Surely worth an experience! Came in original wooden cases (OWC). Great provenance!

For those who are new, this is a Merlot dominated wine from the Right Bank in Pomerol AOC.