Daniel Chotard Sancerre 2018 -

Daniel Chotard Sancerre 2020

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A fruity and easy drinking Sancerre! So well balanced you can probably drink on its own. For those new to Sancerre, it is a premium region for Sauvignon Blanc from Loire Valley, France. Yes, Sauvignon originated from Loire Valley! Was brought to NZ only in the 80s.

Medium intensity of ripe guava, apples and melon on the nose. High acidity giving it freshness and juiciness, ripe citrus on the palate, some ripe asparagus notes (green notes such as asparagus and grass are typical of Sauvignon variety). Great balance of ripe fruits and alcohol. Medium length. Highly recommended.

Food pairing: We drank this with a spaghetti carbonara. The good acidity refreshes your palate..worked really well. You could drink this on its own or perhaps, KFC or Mc Wings of Mc Donalds! Will be awesome.

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Country: France

Region: Sancerre

Alcohol: 13.5%