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Furst Silvaner Pur Mineral 2013 -

Furst Silvaner Pur Mineral 2013

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Other than Riesling, Silvaner is probably the 2nd most famous white grape variety. Chardonnay is fast catching up given the climate change but yes, Silvaner is prized for its fruitiness and medium acidity. Best Silvaner are made in the Franken region where Rudolf Furst is based.

This Pur Mineral as the name suggest has good minerality and purity. Given that this wine has some bottle age, it has gained complexity which marries well with the minerality. Medium - body, this wine is good on its own or with most casual food. In Germany Silvaner is traditionally paired with White Asparagus.

Food Pairing: Versatile..on its own or with finger food/hawker food.

Variety: Silvaner

Country: Germany

Region: Franken