Gabriel Glas Carafe 500ml (handmade) -

Gabriel Glas Carafe 500ml (handmade)

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Handmade in Austria. Great carafe for both wines and water. Why pour your wines into a carafe? Well for one, it is good to gently breathe the wines. Yes, the action of pouring say half a bottle of your wine or whole bottle out into the carafe will aerate the wine plus the aeration also takes place when the wine sits in the carafe. Secondly this carafe has an ergonomic grip making it easier to serve. 

This 500ml carafe is very practical because it allows you to pour half of your bottle of wine into it. This will help you gently breathe your wines and it is good for blind tasting too! :)

All Gabriel Glas products are made from Lead-Free crystal glass.

This carafe comes in pain white carton box (restaurant packing).

At SGD 85 for a handmade carafe, this is indeed a good deal!