Gabriel Glas DrinkArt (set of 6) -
Gabriel Glas DrinkArt (set of 6) -

Gabriel Glas DrinkArt (set of 6)

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The DrinkArt series is a new machine made glass by Gabriel Glas. Comes in a box of 6 at SGD 140. Price per glass after discount works out to be less than SGD 23.40. You get FREE DELIVERY too!

After some imagination as well as customer feedback, they realise that they could make the award-winning Gabriel Glas bowl design in a stemless version. DrinkArt basically has a similar bowl shape but a flat bottom. This makes DrinkArt perfect for casual settings such as at BBQ, swimming pool, picnic or even our local Tze Char or hawker centres.

DrinkArt glass is useful in the bedroom too. Enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir while you enjoy your Netflix etc in your nice aircon bedroom! Lower the risk of toppling over a stem!

Packed in a functional and compact white carton box which allows easy transportation.

For those who are new to Gabriel Glas, do check out our StandArt to read about it. In summary, it was voted the world's best wine glass by Wine Folly (a famous wine blogger and publisher). Gabriel Glas is designed as a universal glass which means that you can use it for sparkling wines, white, red, fortified, whisky, gin or cognac! Yes, whisky drinkers, now you have a fantastic glass for your favourite single malt! You could of course use DrinkArt as your water glass when you invite guests over too.

You can even use this Gabriel DrinkArt as your BEER or Guiness stout glass! Yes, you can pour the whole can 330ml into the glass! Trust us that your beer/Guiness taste better too.