Huber Malterdinger White 2018 (Chardonnay blend) -

Huber Malterdinger White 2020 (Chardonnay blend)

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This wine will stun your white Burgundy lovers! Must try 1 to blind them!

Huber is probably the most famous German Pinot Noir producer. Did you know that they make Chardonnay? We are pleased to present to you this Malterdinger white which is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc.

The Pinot Blanc is from their Grand Cru vineyard Bienenberg while the Chardonnay is from their finest Chardonnay vineyards around Malterdingen (the village where they are based) which are on limestone soils (same soil in Burgundy). 

Good fruitiness and acid backbone making it a fresh and fruity Chardonnay that is Burgundian like! Creamy textures with hint of bread-like yeast makes it quite complex despite being youhtful. Measured use of oak (approx 30% new). We highly recommend this and we are confident that you will like it too!

Spontaneous fermentation (i.e. natural yeasts from the grapes and no industrial yeasts added) in small Burgundy barrels, matured on lees for 16 months and bottled without filtration.

The term Malterdinger is used (with indication of grape varieties) because this village (Malterdinger) has been making this blend of white wine for a long time. Hence, they chose to use just Malterdinger. Same situation re: their Malterdinger red because Pinot Noir was brought to Malterdigen by Cistercian monks (the same monks that grew Pinot Noir in Burgundy) over 500 years ago. First entry point into Germany.

Julian Huber took over from his dad in 2014 (his first vintage) and he is now making waves with his Chardonnay. Professionals like us and in Germany are raving about his Chardonnay. We expected him to maintain or make good Pinot Noir like his dad but his Chardonnay blew us away! Must try!