Kesselstatt Nies'Chen Riesling GG 2016 -

Kesselstatt Nies'Chen Riesling GG 2019

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Smoky minerality, ripe lemon, white peach and hint of grapefruit and lovely acidity. If you like German Riesling, you will be amazed by this small Grand Cru vineyard in the Ruwer Valley (now collectively called Mosel).

Steep slopes (40 to 60 degrees inclination) of Nies'Chen Grand Cru vineyard in the Ruwer produces Rieslings of great minerality – often with peach-like notes that move into blackcurrant territory with increased age. These are succulent and expressive wines with good acidity.


We had this with Mutton Biryani. The salt and flavour of the curry made the wine more fruity! So try this wine with any Biryani be it chicken or mutton. Most of us know that Kabinett or Spatlese are the best match or goes well with curry or any of our spicy Asian cuisines. However, you will be pleasantly surprised how dry Grand Cru German Riesling - GGs can also withstand curry dishes. This is due to their high fruit intensity!

Country: Germany

Region: Ruwer Valley (Mosel)

Alcohol: 12% abv

Food Pairing: Ideally with food if you are not a Riesling geek like us - good with charcuterie or and Asian cuisines.