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Kvetna universal
Kvetna Auriga Universal (handmade) - set of 2 (giftbox) -

Kvetna Auriga Universal (handmade) - set of 2 (giftbox)

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Another glassmaker that makes very similar design compared to Zalto. This time handmade pieces. So those who are tired of high Zalto prices can consider this. Made in Czech.

Auriga series hand-blown glasses developed by leading Czech sommeliers. This universal glass, in our view, is more suited to white wines and medium bodied red wines. Works well with Chianti, Brunello, Red Rhone wines and Champagne too! Or simply as a tasting glass - we find it analytical and precise! At a glance, this looks really like Zalto Universal. So fine! 

The composition of their glass melt, from which the clear glass is melted, contains titanium. Titanium makes each piece of clear glass much harder and more durable while maintaining the same flexibility and lightness!


Height - 225mm

Volume - 530ml


They use modern technologies, especially where they perceive their contribution to achieving the highest possible quality and at the same time preserve the craft tradition and uniqueness of handicrafts.

The Květná glassworks operates as an independent entity on the Czech market and abroad – it manufactures and sells its products under the Cerva Bohemia and KVETNA 1794 brands.