Monopol Ah-So wine opener
Westmark Monopol Edition Ah-So Cork Puller (Satin finished, Made in Germany) -
Westmark Monopol Edition Ah-So Cork Puller (Satin finished, Made in Germany) -
Monopol Ah-So with gift box
Made in Germany

Westmark Monopol Edition Ah-So Cork Puller (Satin finished, Made in Germany)

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If you are worried about the condition of your cork (especially mature wines of over 15 to 20 years old), you MUST buy this. Monopol was the inventor of Ah So cork puller...superb quality and finish. Even the quality of the prongs....We strongly advise you not to purchase replicas or made in China cork pullers..they won't last long and are not effective! 

Don't know how to use? You must watch the video below. After you learn how to use, you will be tempted to use this every time even for young wines! Did you know that you can even reinsert your cork back to the bottle. Will be as if it wasn't opened!

How to use Monopol Ah-So

Super fine polished, satin-finished, two hardened steel prongs embrace the cork without damaging it, thus ideal also for brittle corks. Westmark Monopol offers a specially sharpened cutting thread. The cutting thread “cuts” its way softly through the cork and does not press it apart. A breakage of the cork when pulling it out is almost impossible because of the wide, flat pulling surface of the thread.

  • Two hardened steel prongs embrace the cork
  • Thus ideal also for brittle corks
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 65mm x 10mm
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Material: handle zinc-die casting, satin-finished
  • Casing steel with satin-finished
  • Steel-prongs
  • Comes in a Gift-box
  • Lastly did you know that this Ah So can double up as a crown cap bottle opener?! Ain’t it cool!

Use and care:

  • First enter the longer prong between cork and bottle neck.
  • Then apply twisting downwards movement until the handle touches the top of the bottle.
  • By simultaneous turning and pulling the cork can easily be removed from the bottle.
  • It is also possible to re-cork the bottle using the Ah-So following the steps in the opposite way round.

The steel prongs are factory-wise treated with a foodfriendly grease and should be lubricated again from time to time with a drop of cooking oil. Please wipe Ah-So dry after every use.