Piero Busso Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 -
Piero Busso Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 -
Piero Busso Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 -

Piero Busso Langhe Nebbiolo 2016

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We tasted 3 Nebbiolos from top names in a flight and immediately loved this straight out of the bottle.

Lovely aromatics – red fruits with floral and dried herbs combo. On the palate, this has the typical dry tannins of a Nebbiolo but it was balanced by the fruitiness and hint of earthy complexity. The fruit is just ripe – fresh and pretty good purity. You can call this a modern styled and fruity Nebbiolo but like it or not it helps to make this wine approachable and balance. For optimum enjoyment, please drink this with finger food or we can imagine it to go really well with a pepperoni pizza. Anything that has good salt content will help to mellow the dry tannins of this wine.

On the 2nd day, this wine drank so well that we could drink it on its own! Almost pretty! Still good fruitiness but now tannins have fully mellowed and it has better complexity.

In conclusion, we highly recommend this to anyone who is new to Nebbiolo..those who want to venture out to other grape varieties after they have explored Grenache blends and Syrah/Shiraz. Or this would a delight to any Barolo or Babaresco lover while waiting for them to mature as shared by Somm Select, a sommelier lead wine website:

“Lovers of Piedmontese Nebbiolo need to get your hands on Piero Busso’s Langhe Nebbiolo. No need to wait to pull the cork on this current release. Drink this with abandon while your Cru Barbaresco and Barolo sleep a bit longer.”
David Lynch, Sommelier & Editorial Director

All you need to do is to decant this for 1 hour or so before serving! And have with with a western meal.

For those into scores, you will be pleased that this is also rated 91.5 average score on Cellartracker!


Alcohol: balanced you cannot tell!