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Pulltap's Corkscrew FLASH GOLD 24k

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Opening a bottle of wine, especially one that you have been ageing in your wine fridge/cellar for years, can be an emotional experience - feelings of joy and anticipation. Why not add a nice touch or happy colour to the experience with this FLASH GOLD 24K coloured Pulltap's corkscrew.

Having tried many normal priced corkscrew, we concluded that the original Pulltap's corkscrew is the most effective and reliable one! 

Please do not be penny-wise and pound-foolish to buy those replicas that are made in China. They will not last and the quality of the materials and design is different! All our original Pulltap's corkscrew are Made in Barcelona.

This Classic 500 model corkscrew is the most popular and best known professional classic corkscrew sold by Pulltap's since 1996.
It is the first corkscrew made of double lever or two times that would later revolutionize the sommelier world.

Features of Classic 500 Pulltap's corkscrews:

  • Double nickle-plated lever

  • Ergonomic chassis made of metal

  • Retractable spiral made in France with the ideal angle of incidence to start its function

  • Coating of the spiral with anti-friction coating "Teflon®", which facilitates the sliding in all types of cork or synthetic plugs and

  • Articulated blade

  • Comes in an acetate packaging box.

Original and Genuine corkscrews

As the official importer of Pulltap's in Singapore, we guarantee to sell only original and genuine Pulltap's corkscrews!