Pulltap's Slider 150 SAMURAI corkscrew -

Pulltap's Slider 150 SAMURAI corkscrew

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Completely black, the Slider 150 Samurai corkscrew is the corkscrew with the most personality of Pulltap's and one of the most popular premium corkscrews. Its ergonomic solid black body makes it perfect for daily sommelier use and is one of the toughest corkscrews in the market.

Slider system: the retractable cuter-type slain blade and its black appearance give it everything that this corkscrew needs: courage and intimidation. The Samurai Slider 150 is an all-terrain corkscrew that can deal with everything.

Please do not be penny-wise and pound-foolish to buy those replicas that are made in China. They will not last and the quality of the materials and design is different! All our original Pulltap's corkscrew are Made in Barcelona.

Weight: 68g

Original and Genuine corkscrews

As the official importer of Pulltap's in Singapore, we guarantee to sell only original and genuine Pulltap's corkscrews!