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The Slider 900 corkscrew has the same features as the Pulltap's Classic 500 corkscrews, with the differentiation of the Slider system which feature an automatic retractable blade. You slide out to use the blade and it will automatically retract when you use the lever.

Slider system in this corkscrew:

  • It is a corkscrew that is characterized by the cutter sliding blade, with mechanical assistance to facilitate automatic return when you open the lever.
The implementation of the sliding blade on the Slider 900 corkscrew allows for better and faster usability, since it ensures a better use of using the knife with one hand.


Features of Slider 900 Pulltap's corkscrews:

  • Double nickle-plated lever

  • Ergonomic chassis made of metal

  • Retractable spiral made in France with the ideal angle of incidence to start its function

  • Coating of the spiral with anti-friction coating "Teflon®", which facilitates the sliding in all types of cork or synthetic plugs and

  • Articulated blade

  • Comes in an acetate packaging box.

Original and Genuine corkscrews

As the official importer of Pulltap's in Singapore, we guarantee to sell only original and genuine Pulltap's corkscrews!