Zalto Gravitas Omega -
Zalto Gravitas Omega -

Zalto Gravitas Omega (set of 6 glasses)

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Price shown is for 6 glasses and inclusive of FREE DELIVERY. 

Gravitas was one of the Roman virtues. The Gravitas Omega is designed to reveal all of a wines virtues.

Grounded to earth through the eschewal of a foot at the base of its stem, the Gravitas glass both catches and demands the attention of every wine connoisseur. This precarious balance commands a similar respect for the wine itself.

In addition to allowing connoisseurs to fully appreciate the colour of the wine, Gravitas Omega also provides a larger surface area for the wine to breathe. So you can actually do away with decanter if you only need gentle breathing in the glass.

This is a PERFECT GIFT for your connoisseur friends!

Recommended for: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, young Bordeaux, Barolo, Barbaresco.

Lead-Free. Dishwasher-Safe. Handmade in Austria.

Handling & Care

It is recommended that ALL Zalto glasses be cleaned in a dishwasher. Hand-washing can add pressure and torque to the bowl, stem and base which can cause breakage and potential injury. If you wish to handwash, please take UTMOST CARE. If you have had wine (alcohol), we recommend you to leave the glasses to be washed the next day. Just add some water to the glass to prevent staining of the base of the bowl.

When placing the glasses into the dishwasher, do so carefully so there is enough space between glasses and they are secure.